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First Choice for Children’s Birthday Parties

Karl has been helping parents give their children unforgettable birthdays since 2003. He will help you have the easiest party you will ever organise. And  keep the children laughing and entertained from start to finish. Making the whole party as stress free as possible for you.

You can get a more in depth look at our party packages on the official The Magical Ventriloquist Birthday Party Specialist page

3 Party Packages to Choose From

Regardless of the option you choose, Karl and his puppets will transform your child’s party into a funny, magical and unforgettable celebration.

The GOLD Party Package

The 60 minute Magical Puppet Show

(A shorter 45 minute version is available on request)

The Dazzling Centre Piece of Your Child’s Party

You will see and hear the children having fun, laughing, and enjoying themselves. The show will transport them into a magical world filled with fun and laughter. There’s a ginger monkey, a forgetful bird, a baby dragon, a bear that steals biscuits, a grumpy turtle, the worlds naughtiest puppet, magic, and more! The puppets are so lifelike that even they think they’re real.

The focus of this magical puppet show is on celebrating your child’s birthday. You will see their face light up and watch them become the STAR of the show. They will perform magic for all their friends who will be cheering and clapping with delight. 

The puppets and me Karl the children captivated for the full 60 minutes. They will be thoroughly entertained and left with many happy memories that will last a lifetime. Everyone will be talking about how much fun they’ve had for years to come.


The easiest party you’ll ever organise

Relax with your family and friends – Save yourself stress – ENJOY the day!

I will make this party as stress free as I possibly can for you. All you need to do is provide the party food and feed them, then leave the rest to me and the puppets. Let’s face it, after booking the venue, sending out all the invites, organising the party food, setting up all the tables and chairs, and putting up the party banners, you’ll have done more than enough. Simply relax with your family and guests while I take care of all the entertainment.

You get everything that comes with the Gold Party Package, and more

I provide all the party music from start to finish. After the show, I guide the children to the tables so you can feed them. 

When it’s time for the birthday cake, I will settle all the guests and get them singing ‘Happy Birthday’ for you. If you prefer you can do this on your own, but I’m very happy to help with this to make your day as stress free as possible.

After the break for the food the and cake (which usually takes 30 minutes) I’ll host 30 minutes of non-elimination party games. This guarantees none of the children will be crying because none of them will ever be ‘out.’ This means you can relax even more and socialise with your guests while I keep the children happily entertained.

In a nutshel, I basically host the whole 2 hour party on your behalf, and keep it running smoothly until everyone goes home. Leaving you to take all the credit and receive compliments from your guests as they leave.


90 minutes of non-stop party fun

This is a condensed version of the platinum party package, compacted into 90 minutes of non stop party fun.

It begins with the 60 minute Magical Puppet Show. Instead of pausing for a the cake break, or stopping for party food, I immediately host 30 minutes of party games (as described in the platinum party package). After this the children can stop, and enjoy the remainder of the day eating and drinking their party food with you.

The Birthday Party Specialist

picture of the Netmums Favourite award, which Karl Jeffery received

When you book me, you can relax and look forward to the special day. Don’t just take my word for it, I won a national award from Netmums in recognition of the quality and excellence that I have consistently provided to parents since 2003. My speciality is helping parents to give their children unforgettable birthday parties.

Book In Confidence With The 100% No-Risk

Customer Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee

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Entertainment comes with a 100% customer satisfaction money back guarantee. Book today with complete confidence that you are hiring a genuine professional entertainer with a reputation built upon years of success. You will receive the same high quality entertainment as the BBC. The Whitley Bay Playhouse. Seven Stories, plus thousands of other organisations and parents.

If the children don’t laugh and enjoy themselves, we’ll give you your money back. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that Karl Jeffery and his Magical Puppets will put smiles on their faces – GUARANTEED!

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All bookings are taken on a first come first served basis


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